Ni Asian Kitchen

Take out
Open 7 Days A Week

New Year Eve and New Year Regular Business Hours
Dine in time: 11am-3pm Only, Take Out is all Day.
Pick up Time about 30 Minutes
Christmas Eve Pick up Time about 45 Minutes
  • atgu***** posted at 1/10/2024
    One of our favorite Asian places in Raleigh area!
    Egg Drop soup (my son's favorite) is available when you call but is not in online menu.  Can you update online menu?
  • int**** posted at 1/3/2024
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  • syd**** posted at 1/1/2024
    Not sure what has happened…our food was horrible tonight.  Lettuce wraps had almost no veggie looked like dog food and the Korean dish was like a soup 
  • merich****** posted at 10/23/2023
    this place fuckin rules
  • syel**** posted at 9/8/2023
    Today I picked up two dishes. They cheated, they gave in the same container, half container entree and half container rice. They supposed to pack rice separately. I did not get my money’s worth. Make sure you request to have the rice packed separately. 
  • Lso**** posted at 8/24/2023
    Very easy website! Thank you!
  • mitag***** posted at 8/2/2023
    I would like to make a reservation for lunch at 11:30AM tomorrow for 7 people. I didn’t see any other way to message you so leaving this comment. Please respond and confirm that a reservation was made. 
    Thank you,
    Mita Lospinoso 
  • xs*** posted at 7/3/2023
    🌍 Hello World! 🌍
  • rpay***** posted at 6/14/2023
    My very dear friend and caregiver informed me that your food was the best of its type in Raleigh.  I haven’t found a decent Asian restaurant in Raleigh.  I am handicapped and pretty much immobile.  Any chance you deliver?  I’m not far away.
  • hansonwi********* posted at 5/26/2023
  • mrboomb******** posted at 5/12/2023
    yo slatt i cames here when i was high offa percky wercy food was as fire as a forest fire my slimeball 
  • eatsleepg********* posted at 5/12/2023
    10/10 very good teriyaki chicken
  • hsat**** posted at 4/23/2023
    There was a piece of metal - like from a brush - in my dinner tonight. I can send a photo. Very dangerous. 
  • jaybi****** posted at 3/23/2023
    I placed an order at Ni Asian recently, and I had two items missing. Make sure you check your order before you leave because they seem to forget to put all of your items in the bag sometimes, but the food is excellent.
  • tonym***** posted at 3/13/2023
  • tonym***** posted at 3/13/2023
    Best food ever I LOVE IT
  • kbal**** posted at 3/2/2023
    Just thought you would want to know.  I was in Tuesday night for takeout.  I got the worse case of food poisoning. I’m still in bed.  
  • bridg***** posted at 1/27/2023
    Hands Down- the BEST Asian food I have eaten in Raleigh since I came here in 2007!  I had all but given up on all Asian carryout after many disappointing and sometimes just plain gross failures in other places- fried rice should not be white with a bags of frozen mixed veggies thrown in! (Lazy cuisine)  This food has rich flavor- quality meat (no mystery pieces or textures) the vegetables are well cooked and fresh!  I would pay any amount for Asian carryout like this, that reminds me of tasty food from a local carryout “a little further north”.  Thank you for your talents that remind me that delicious Asian cuisine still exists!  Raise the prices if you have to but don’t ever lower your standards to EVERY other Asian takeout in the triangle! And we will be enjoying your cuisine forever!  Bless the hands who prepare the food we so enjoyed! 
  • tmar***** posted at 11/18/2022
    very good resteraunt they have delicous food and dr pepper
  • tonym***** posted at 11/17/2022
    this kid named "lucas' was disrespecting me and my kids. i was really disappointed with the service.