Ni Asian Kitchen

Take out
Open 7 Days A Week
Dine in time: 11am-3pm Only, Take Out is all Day.

  • The first meal I had from you guys was good I will definitely come back to the restaurant!
    psgam****** posted at 1/31/2022
  • Hi, we eat there every week and would like to see more gluten free options. We have also noticed variability in the randang where sometimes it is very dry and sometimes ok. It would be better if it was consistent with more sauce / liquid. Thanks!
    cattail_********* posted at 10/2/2021
  • I did not get what I ordered.   Got pot stickers (which I can't even eat)instead of bang bang shrimp.  Making sure I can come in for a refund tomorrow  please.
    kkove***** posted at 7/12/2021
  • I love the Egg Drop Soup but do not see it on the online ordering menu. Thanks!
    easte****** posted at 6/11/2021
  • Hello - first off, I love your restaurant a the food is excellent!  I am a bit disappointed that you do not have a general email to discuss issue - I had an order on 12/31/20 that did not include the 3 egg rolls I paid for and I can't find a way to dispute my order.  
    Thank you!
    david_b******** posted at 1/6/2021
  • I wish you guy's would offer pork Indonesian sate.
    I love your Indonesian nasi goreng tough. 
    I'll try your rendang next, that is also one of my favorable Indonesian dishes. Keep up the good work.
    danku****** posted at 10/12/2020
  • My cart has something still in it I’m sending my credit card to pay for my irder
    reneeb******* posted at 9/23/2020
  • I always get great food for NiAsia.  Today though my chicken teriyaki was not up to standard.  The chicken is dried out and tough like it’s been sitting around too long.  Just wanted to let you know.
    sandra******* posted at 9/23/2020
  • Hello, My name is Zach and I'm the Head of Partnerships for Doordash here in our region. 
    I'm reaching out because during these tough times, we want to make sure that we’re able to get your food to hungry customers on terms that work best for you and for them. 
    Do you have time for a call sometime soon to discuss how you’re reaching your consumers who, unfortunately, can’t leave the house or work? 
    In response to the situation, I can offer 30 days free to help the restaurant out.
    Kind Regards,
    Zach @ DoorDash
    919.218.9551 - Cell
    zach.j******* posted at 4/13/2020
  • Good afternoon,   
    My name is Zack Kesterson and I am a leasing representative with Spinoso Real Estate Group.  We own and operate a portfolio of shopping malls nationwide. I am reaching out specifically regarding our project at the Triangle Town Center. 
    I would love the chance to speak with you about this opportunity, as I think your business could be a great fit at the mall.  Our aim is to curate a mixture of the best local and national tenants to lease the space in Triangle.  Is there a time that we could set up a call or meeting? Feel free to reach out to me at any of the contacts below. 
    Best regards,
    Zack Kesterson 
    zkest***** posted at 2/17/2020
  • Yes, I was wondering if you all do catering and if so do you all have a catering menu. Please forward it to the email above. Thank you, Glenda Currin
    gcu**** posted at 10/18/2019
  • Please introduce Apple Pay support
    sake**** posted at 9/25/2019
  • I guess I have been spoiled by the welcomi g pleasantries I have received in the past. No welcome tonight. No thank you. Just cold attitude. I even gave a tip. 
    I hope the owner will put tge young men through customer service training
    dreami****** posted at 4/17/2019
  • Hello, my name is Parker Roy and I am a senior at Enloe High School. Moving into my senior season we are making a big push to get donations from local businesses. There are two ways to donate- a direct donation or a banner with your business logo and name on it. If you are interested, please email me for more information.  Any amount is appreciated and thank you for your support. 
    parker******* posted at 1/14/2019
  • Good evening. My wife and I have ordered takeout from your restaurant multiple times and have always been very happy. Today however we were not impressed. The flavors did not taste the way we have previously enjoyed.  I don’t know if something has changed with the preparation of the food but I wanted to share that we noticed a difference. 
    oreil****** posted at 8/3/2018
  • Hi - I was wondering who I could speak with about food delivery? I’m the director of launch for DoorDash in Raleigh and after surveying the area, your restaurant was one of the top requested. Thank you, Chase
    chasen****** posted at 1/19/2018
  • your web site location map is showing your restaurant to be out near falls lake.  Directions show that too.
    rich**** posted at 1/12/2018